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Why pineapple? For those of you who have a sweet tooth but don’t want any added sugar, this is the snack for you! 100% Natural. Our dried Pineapple from Costa Rica is simply amazing with it’s sweet flavor. A delicious snack that's easy to take in your lunch or on any outing. Pineapple is a excellent source of Vitamin C, a good source of Iron and Fiber. There is No Sugar Added, No Sulfur, it’s Fat Free, Gluten Free, and is packed with a Natural source of essential Vitamins and Minerals. Produce queen’s pineapple is a health way to feed your craving! Health benefits of Pineapple Pineapple is rich in fiber to keep your digestive system regular. It is loaded with antioxidants which fight free radicals shown to cause cell damage and age-related degeneration and even fight off diseases! Produce queen’s dried pineapple is also rich in bromelain an anti-inflammatory enzyme which can reduce swelling after a sports injury or surgery. Bromelain also helps indigestion or other forms of upset stomach by helping to break down proteins for people who do not produce enough digestive enzymes. Bromelain even helps to boost the immune system.

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