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Dried Pineapples, a Snack Fit for Royalty


From the steamy Costa Rican rain forest to your doorstep in just one click. That’s how easy it is to get your hands on a bag of Produce Queen’s dried pineapples.


Perhaps you’re having friends and family coming over, maybe you’re looking to up your snack game, or just want something tasty and healthy to nibble on. In any case, dried pineapples are for you.


Sweet and tangy, soft but pleasantly chewy, dried pineapples have it all, and they’re drop-dead gorgeous too!


Dried Pineapples Are Not Only Tasty; They’re Good for You!


Dried pineapples will undoubtedly become your new favorite snack, but you’ll love them even more once you see what they can do for your health.


Pineapples have insane amounts of vitamin C, which strengthens your immune system, and manganese, a metabolism booster.


With lots of antioxidants that's great for digestion, dried pineapples are well-rounded superfoods that work at all levels in your body.


Our dried pineapples are all-natural, we add no preservatives, additives, or sweeteners; enjoy pure tropical fruit at its best.


Now You Know It.


With a long shelf life, dried fruits are a wonderful way of having a tasty and healthy snack in hand, so you might want to bulk buy.


The perfect tidbits to munch on at all hours, the charming two-biters, will change the way you satisfy your sweet tooth while you nurture your body with vitamins and minerals. 


Order your dried pineapples today and let the Produce Queen grace you with a taste of royalty, you deserve nothing less!